Court Care

When having a hit or playing at the club there are a few rules that we have to follow.

  1. While it would be more community friendly to leave the gate open to all comers, keeping the courts and facilities well maintained is only possible because members pay yearly fees. So, to encourage non-members to join, we should keep the main gate closed.
  2. The last person to leave the courts MUST lock all the doors to the clubhouse and lock the gate on your way out.
  3. To help keep the courts in optimum condition, always wear flat soled shoes, and bag and water the court after each set of tennis you play (BUT - check the water restrictions first).
  4. Clean up any mess that you make in the clubhouse ie. All rubbish must go into the bins and wash any crockery, cutlery or glass-wear that you use. There is a vacuum that lives  in the ladies’ toilet if you need to vacuum any crumbs from the floor.

Dress Code

Dress code is fairly relaxed at the club but players are expected to wear sports attire when playing on the courts. Tennis shoes are however mandatory. These can be any sports shoe which is flat soled and does not have a raised heel. This will ensure that damage to the tennis courts is minimal.

From time to time the club places orders for club shirts and caps and we encourage our competition players to play in the club shirts although this is not compulsory.